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This blog is an experiment in thinking out loud. It serves as an outlet for me—a mid-30s medieval musicologist, foodie, and trivia-gatherer living in the Triangle of NC—to explore the various ways in which music and food intersect, interact and enlighten us about culture, taste, and aesthetics. Most of the posts are food-centric, with a musical suggestion tagged onto the end for your enjoyment and amusement. The texture is punctuated by occasional ‘historical’ posts that explore the history of food, some aspect of music history, or whatever else I feel like rambling on about on that given day.

I am married to Nordic Babe (she’s the one with the corporate job), and we have three children: Foodie Girl, The Mooch, and Zen Baby. They are recurring characters in my posts, just as they are the primary characters in my life.

Please feel free to send any ideas you might have for articles or entries that live at the intersection of food, music and history. If it’s an idea I like, I’ll be more than happy to research it and learn something new . . .

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